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AAA Credit Service is a full-service international collection agency. As such, we employ a multitude of contact methods, research personnel, and specialists in order to recover revenue from those who are in debt to our clients. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Worldwide collection capacity
  • State of-the-art computer software
  • On-site computer programmers
  • Hidden Asset Location - and other Asset Research
  • Comprehensive Skiptracing Technology
  • Recovery Reports on Request
  • Trained Professional Account Specialists
  • Attorneys on retainer
  • Computerized Experian Check
  • Our "No collection, No fee" guarantee
All these services are included with our standard rate.

Many of the extensive services that are included with our standard rates would cost you extra at other collection agencies - this is just a small part of the AAA difference. You will find no better value than AAA Credit Service Collection Agency

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