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Q: How far back can I go to assign old accounts?

A: There is no Statue of Limitations on collections. There is, however, a four year Statue on Litigation from the date of service of date of last pay. Please contact us for more information.

Q: Is there a minimum dollar amount that I can assign?

A: No, this will depend on the amount of volume assigned to us on a regular basis. Please contact us for further information.

Q: I have a Small Claims judgment. Can you collect on those?

A: Yes, You can assign "all money judgments" for collection. All attempts will be made to locate, execute, and levy on assets such as: Employment, bank accounts, property, etc.

Q: How long does it take to collect?

A: It varies. Once the agency is involved, many debtors pay right away. Often it takes as little as one phone call, though sometimes it can take longer. Sometimes, a debtor simply will not pay voluntarily no matter how many letters and phone calls we make. Depending on the size of the balance and whether there are assets, we may initiate a lawsuit.
We are motivated to collect as much as possible as soon as possible, as we have a vested interest. We will continue our efforts in every legal way as long as it takes.

Q: What if I get a payment or a call from debtor after I assign the account?

A: Any payments received after the assignment date should be forwarded to our office for processing. If you receive any calls from the debtors do not discuss account with them that is what we are for. Simply give them our phone number 714-956-7173. It is important to promptly report any payments received.

Q: Your Client Listing Sheet has spaces for dates of birth, Soc. Sec. numbers, Driver's license numbers, etc. I don't have any of those. Will you take account without them?

A: Yes. We have spaces for those items in case you have them; Just fill out the listing sheet as best you can. The more information you provide us the more collectible the accounts becomes. If you cannot provide the information, don't worry about it. In many cases, we can obtain the omitted data.

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